Will my images be shared online?

No, unless you give your permission. You can choose to have your photos partly shown (no face), or not at all. You will never be tagged in any social media posts. You can decide if you allow your photos shared after you’ve seen them.

I have acne/cellulite/stretch marks/scars… How much do you retouch the photos?

Although I prefer to do minimal retouch, I will photoshop your photos as much as you want them to. I usually do a basic touchup that already buffs out skin imperfections, but I can do it as much as you wish it. I will leave scars unless you request them to be photoshopped off.

I am not a model (I am older/not as thin/and so on). Can you still take good photos of me?

Absolutely! I work with a wide variety of women in every walks of life, every shape and size, and I firmly believe that every woman is beautiful.

Where is the photo session going to be?

It depends on many things – we can do it at your home, or we can find a suitable place together that fits your vision. I’ve taken photos in studios, villas, air b’n’b’s, hotel rooms, even outdoors.

Can I bring someone to the shoot?

Yes, you may bring a friend with you – please bring only one guest. I kindly ask all guests not to interfere with the session for the best experience!

Are makeup and hair included?

Make up and hair are included only in my all-inclusive package. If you are looking for a make up artist or a hair stylist, I can always give some recommendations and help you find one.

I feel that the makeup is too strong compared to what I’m used to.

It is normal when a makeup artist does your makeup, it might be more than what you are used to wearing in everyday life. Of course, the make up artist will work based on your wishes. Trust me, the result will look amazing!

How long does the session take?

The basic photo session takes about an hour. Please arrive in time, so we can prepare, you can get changed, and get ready.

How many outfits can I have? 

For a basic session I suggest bringing at least 2 to 3 outfit options. I will make sure you get a variety of pictures to choose from. For a longer session you can bring more. We might not use everything, but it is good to have a choice 🙂

Do I bring my own lingerie?

Yes, please. For hygienic reasons and also for the best fit, please bring your own lingerie and shoes you’d like to wear during the session.

What should I be wearing?

Wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and sexy! Maybe it’s a bra and panty set, over-the-knee stockings, or your boyfriend’s button-down shirt… it’s up to you! Upon booking the session, I will give you a few ideas about outfit choices.

I don’t know how to pose, and I have never been photographed before by a professional.

This is a common concern, and I got you covered! I work with women who haven’t been photographed before at all, let alone in their underwear. Still, it is never visible on the photos. I love to work with women and show their confidence and beauty.

I’m pregnant, but I would like boudoir photos. Is this possible?

Yes! I love to take pregnancy boudoir images. As long as your health allows it, we can take your photos.

How long does it take to see the image?

Please allow me up to 2-4 weeks to deliver your proof gallery. Your photos will be delivered through a password-protected, private online gallery.

What is your refund policy?

I have a non-refundable booking fee that is due upon booking the time. The rest is refundable in case we have to cancel before the session. Upon booking we sign an agreement that specifies all the terms.